The best scleroderma caregiver knows when to just love me

We toasted to 18 years as a married couple while looking out over Tampa Bay, Florida. My amazing husband, Ross, had planned out every detail, from the surprise dinner reservations in the city to the romantic sunset-watching at the park. If you know me, you know pulling off a surprise…

How I find my Zen while living with scleroderma

Living with a chronic illness like scleroderma can be a constant challenge. Dealing with myriad doctor appointments, pharmacy runs, and symptoms is often time-consuming. Staying calm while managing this disease is easier said than done. One thing that’s helped me on this crazy journey is maintaining a positive attitude.

The uncertainty of scleroderma leaves me frustrated, overwhelmed

A chronic, life-threatening health problem can disrupt all aspects of your life, especially when it develops unexpectedly. When I was diagnosed with scleroderma at age 19, I was overwhelmed by difficult emotions, from fear and worry to profound sadness, despair, and grief. These feelings rushed over me like cold…