Video Series: Scleroderma and Nutrition

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A healthy diet does not cure scleroderma, but nutrition is essential for patients’ overall health. It is important that patients who suffer from scleroderma discuss with their rheumatologists or nutritionists the best course of action. However, it is usually recommended that scleroderma patients follow a healthy and well-balanced diet, and in some cases to take extra vitamins or supplements. This video may be helpful for patients and loved ones to understand the impact of nutrition in the management of scleroderma.

“Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that involves the overproduction of collagen which results in the hardening, tightening and scarring of skin and internal organs,” explains the video. “Several symptoms of scleroderma affect the digestive system, and as such, nutrition is an important component for patients. Although nutritional changes will not treat scleroderma, appropriate diets can reduce associated symptoms and improve quality of life.”

This video is part of a series titled “An Overview of Scleroderma,” presented by the McMaster University and shared on their YouTube channel Demystifying Medicine. “An Overview of Scleroderma: Nutrition for Patients” was created by McMaster Demystifying Medicine 4DM3 students Helen Kim, Jessica Kun, Lyndsay Rayner, Nicole Vandenheuvel and Fadi Hana.

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