Scleroderma – A Little-Known but Devastating Disease

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Editor’s Note: The posting of this video has stirred controversy in the Scleroderma community, as the woman being interviewed in the video talks about a “silver bullet” therapeutic strategy that she discovered that is not currently available in the United States, which she never names. For the purposes of discussion and debate, Scleroderma News is going to leave this video up for readers, however, in no way does Scleroderma News support or advocate for any of the claims or opinions expressed in this or any of the videos that we curate and share. We are purely an informational news site about Scleroderma.

In this Natasha Sherman video, watch an interview with “Jane Grecsek whose life has been devastatingly altered by scleroderma. Amazingly, after at least 20 years she found something that worked and she is in remission. Her mission is to bring more attention and research to this disease.”

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