5 Ways You Can Help Raise Awareness of Scleroderma

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If you’re a patient, a family member or a friend who wants to do more to help someone suffering from a chronic illness, spreading awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Awareness can mean big changes, including more money for more resources and research into more effective treatments and diagnostic tests. Awareness can also mean smaller changes, like patients not having to explain their disease for the 100th time and the public being more understanding and empathetic about what patients are going through.

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Here are a few ways you can help raise awareness of scleroderma:

Share your story. 
Personal experiences are more relatable. Your experiences can help someone feel less alone and realize what they’re feeling is totally normal. Your story can also help those who don’t know much about scleroderma learn about the disease.

Become a volunteer. 
Most foundations and organizations place their “outreach” missions in the hands of volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for helping others in several ways, including spreading the word about the disease. If you’re willing to give a bit of your time to improve the lives of others, reach out to your local scleroderma association and ask about next steps.

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Shop the merchandise. 
There’s a lot of merchandise that can help raise awareness of scleroderma. Many organizations like the Scleroderma Foundation have online shops where you can purchase items with proceeds benefiting scleroderma-related charities.

These shops often offer things like:

  • Cards and flyers to hand out with basic information about the disease
  • T-shirts
  • Pins
  • Magnets
  • Wristbands

Get active on social media. 
Social media is the number one way people share details about their lives, so if you want to raise awareness of scleroderma, do it on your social media channels. You never know who you might be reading and listening.

Start writing. 
If you believe your community could benefit from learning more about scleroderma, consider reaching out to your local newspaper or radio station and ask them to run a story.

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