13 Scleroderma Foundation Resources to Help You


10. Find a Scleroderma Research Center

Find a Scleroderma Foundation center, approved by the organization’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, near you. The board ensures that patients are provided with knowledgeable resources about diagnosis, care, and research at the centers.

11. Other Related Organizations and Helpful Links

Check out other health related organizations you may find helpful.


12. Registries

Find out where data from patients and their family members is collected and analyzed to gather information and learn more about Scleroderma.


13. Recommended Reading 

Read any of these books about scleroderma. All are recommended by the foundation.

According to the Scleroderma Foundation, while there is no proven cure for scleroderma, much can be done to prevent, minimize, or alleviate its effects and symptoms. 

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