The Reality of Life with Diffuse Scleroderma

According to the Scleroderma Foundation, while there is no proven cure for scleroderma much can be done to prevent, minimize, or alleviate its effects and symptoms. 

With this candid and emotional video, learn more about the harsh reality of living with diffuse scleroderma and the deterioration it causes from patient Crystal Guzman herself.

Here’s another personal story: Read about 9-year-old Wyatt Wright, aka Wyatt The Warrior,  who has localized scleroderma.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Crystal I just want to say. GOD bless you dear and I will pray for you dear.
    I have Scleroderma too but not the type you have. My heart and soul goes out to you. Know that there are so many people that need to see your video and I thank you for making it. Because they do not know what this is. Your helping everyone to understand. I pray you get your stem cell transplant soon. And you find some kind of peace. So sorry. Your so brave and a fighter. Sincerely Barbara

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