What is “Sick” Supposed to Look Like?

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In this video, watch Chanel White, “a mid-twenties, professional scleroderma patient by day, and an avid social media user by night” debate about one of the most recurring comments many patients hear: “But you don’t look sick!”

According to the Scleroderma Foundation, while there is no proven cure for scleroderma, much can be done to prevent, minimize or alleviate its effects and symptoms. 

“I’ve heard it from family, friends, strangers, and even doctors! While that is a lovely compliment, I have always wondered what illness is supposed to look like for these individuals? The truth is illness often times is just hidden, only visible if you take a deeper look.”

Here’s another story from a chronic illness patient. Wyatt Wright a.k.a (Wyatt The Warrior),  a 9-year-old young man diagnosed with localized scleroderma (linear) at the age of 8.

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