Scleroderma Awareness: 5 Fast Facts about Scleroderma

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Learn some fast facts about scleroderma, according to

1. Scleroderma is different from person to person and it can be very serious.

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2. There are ways to alleviate the symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon, skin problems and heartburn with various medication and with some individual steps.

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3. More effective treatments are available for cases including pulmonary hypertension, acute kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems and lung inflammation.

According to the Scleroderma Foundation, while there is no proven cure for scleroderma, much can be done to prevent, minimize or alleviate its effects and symptoms. 
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4. It is key to recognize and treat organ involvement as early as possible in order to prevent irreversible damage.

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5. Patients should consult physicians in each specialized expertise in order to properly care for each part of this complex disease.

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