12 Things to Watch Out For in Scleroderma

9. Constitutional Symptoms


Constitutional symptoms such as low energy and fatigue are common especially when the disease is in its active phase. Also, the patients might find it difficult to sleep normally since sleep is often disrupted by pain, depression, fear of the illness, skin itching and/or specific internal organ dysfunction (e.g.shortness of breath from heart or lung failure or heartburn from gastrointestinal reflux).

Also, note that lack of sleep amplifies considerably the symptoms during the daytime (like diffuse soft tissue pain and fatigue).

Throughout June, our resident blogger and scleroderma patient, Nicola Whitehill, posted daily information and facts about scleroderma to celebrate the Scleroderma Awareness Month.

See the post she dedicated to fatigue involvement in scleroderma. 

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