4 Plasma Exchange Articles You Must Read

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1. Scleroderma Patient in Long-Term Remission with TPE Treatment

scleroderma therapy

At the end of 2015, a case study revealed a success in long-term treatment with therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE). Learn all about it here.

2. Scleroderma Education Project Delves into Organ Involvement in Recent Post

systemic scleroderma and organ involvement

In July 2014, Edward Harris launched a website called the Scleroderma Education Project, where he writes and publishes articles about its three pillars: education, patient support, and research.

Harris was involved in the development of a successful treatment approach that was able to reverse scleroderma disease symptoms. The technique is called therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE).


3. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Scleroderma: An Exclusive Interview with Edward Harris

TPE and scleroderma

Back in May, Scleroderma News had an exclusive interview with Edward Harris, the man behind the Scleroderma Education Project.

Back then he presented a review and analysis of published data about therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE), a potential technique for treating scleroderma, at the American Society for Apheresis (ASFA) 2016 Annual Meeting.

4. Alternative Scleroderma Theory Advanced by 22 Years of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

An alternative theory about scleroderma is supported.

Learn more about the case study, describing the successful treatment of a scleroderma patient with repeated therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) for more than 22 years, that presents an alternative theory about the beneficial effects of the treatment and the disease itself.

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