Raynauld’s Explained by a Doctor: Diagnosis and Treatment

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In this video from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Marie Gerhard-Herman MD, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, talks about Raynaud’s phenomenon, discussing diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

Learn more about Raynaud’s and how it affects the body as told by a scleroderma patient.

Raynaud’s phenomenon – a condition scleroderma patients often suffer from severely – is caused when the arteries which supply blood to the skin narrow and cut off the circulation to the fingers, toes, tip of the nose, and tips of the ears.

Throughout June, our resident blogger and scleroderma patient, Nicola Whitehill, decided to post daily information and facts about ‪scleroderma each day for the duration of‪ Scleroderma Awareness Month. Read all her Scleroderma Awareness Month articles here.

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