7 Facts You Should Know About Raynaud’s


According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, here are some facts about Raynaud’s.

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1. Raynaud’s causes the blood vessels to narrow in cold and stress situations, mostly in the fingers and toes.

Learn more about Raynaud’s and how it affects the body as told by a scleroderma patient.

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    Very important to know about Raynaud’s is that most people assume it only affects the extremities (fingers, toes, nose, ears etc). This is not true! Think about it. If the nerves are sending the signal to shut down all “unnecessary” circulation, that can happen anywhere within the body. How do I know? A suspicious and terrifying lump in my breast, when biopsied, turned out to be necrotic (dead) tissue due to an ischemic episode – spontaneous cutoff of blood circulation to that tissue. This happened twice in the same breast. I’ve had dead tissue appromixately the size of a tennis ball removed from that breast. Let’s face it, when the brain is trying to protect vital organs during a Raynaud’s episode, breasts are not on the priority list for survival. I’ve also had a significant ischemic stroke and the MRI images to prove it. I have most of my fingertips but folks, recovering from gangrene HURTS. My remaining fingernails and toenails are deformed. Don’t subject yourself to these risks. Raynaud’s can hit you ANYWHERE so take it seriously. Cover your head and neck in cool weather. Wear gloves and socks. Keep a sweater and/or coat with you at all times, even in summer. Keep gloves in your purse or car glovebox. Many businesses keep the air conditioning so cold in summer that if it were wintertime, they’d be turning on the heat! That’s how it is in South Texas where I live. Most importantly, if you have primary or secondary Raynaud’s, get care from a Rheumatologist immediately to find out what else is going on. It’s not a tingling inconvenience; Raynaud’s can do irreparable damage to your body, your brain and your life span.

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