13 Scleroderma Foundation Resources You Should Know About

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1. Scleroderma Voice Magazine

Members of the Scleroderma Foundation benefit from a free subscription to the Scleroderma Voice Magazine. This publication is issued four times a year and showcases patients stories, scleroderma research information and much more.


2. Scleroderma Information Packet 

A free comprehensive packet of information about scleroderma.


3. Products That Benefit

This list will help you to find some products that may assist you in your life with scleroderma


4. My Voice

This page showcases some stories of teens and children who live with scleroderma. Remember, you’re not alone!


5. Discussion Board

A 24/7 on-line support group and discussion community with members and patients from all over the world.


6. Weekly eLetter

The Scleroderma Foundation has an electronic newsletter out every Friday. This way you can stay up-to-date with all the latest updates on scleroderma research, resources, and other news.


7. Buzzworthy Reads

Read the latest Scleroderma Foundation news and related issues.


8. NeedyMeds

Learn more about this way to save on your prescription medications.


9. Help For You and Your Family

Helpful information on legal and disability advice, insurance, alternative therapies, government agencies and more.


10. Find a Scleroderma Research Center

Find a Scleroderma Foundation approved center near you with the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

11. Other Related Organizations and Helpful Links

A list of other organizations you may find helpful.


12. Registries

A registry is where data from patients and their family members is collected and analyzed, to gather information and learn more about Scleroderma.


13. Recommended Reading 

A list of books about scleroderma you should read.


Learn more about scleroderma here: http://bit.ly/learnscleroderma