Student With Scleroderma Collaborates on Music Album

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by Wendy Henderson |

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Twenty-three-year-old college student Erhabor Emokpae from Maryland was diagnosed with diffuse systemic scleroderma in 2013. Although the disease has changed his life, it hasn’t stopped him from doing one of the things he loves most: making music.

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According to the Rare Disease Report, Emokpae, who goes by the stage name “E the Mastermind,” first noticed that something was wrong when his hands began to swell and he developed a tingling sensation in his arm. Since then, the disease has progressed to a point where he is now unable to fully open his hands and suffers from facial tightness. He also lost 50 pounds in one year.

The diagnosis brought on a bout of depression as he tried to come to terms with his new reality. The one thing that kept him going was his music and he’s now featured on an album called Realistic Love by Kalen Lumiere.  One track, in particular, will resonate with fellow scleroderma sufferers. It’s called “Stay Warm in the Cold,” and is not only a reflection of life with scleroderma but also the emotional side of dealing with a chronic illness.

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