Chronically Me – a Column by Amy Baker

Chronically Me

Amy resides with her amazing son and three crazy pups in Williamsburg, Virginia — the colonial capital of the United States. She has an older son whom she repeatedly guilt trips to come home. From 2016 to 2017, Amy was diagnosed with multiple chronic autoimmune diseases and illnesses. Her column, “Chronically Me,” will detail her journey from humble beginnings as a human pin cushion to the fabulous, ridiculous hot mess she is today! Her desire is to focus on humor and levity amid life-changing illnesses.

A Tale of Woe From a Human Pin Cushion

“Don’t worry. This will feel like a pinch.” Sitting in the sterile room with a tourniquet wrapped tightly around my arm, I stared intently at the legion of vials awaiting filling. The pinch did not feel like a pinch; it was more like a bee sting. As the lab…