9 Things You Should Know About Pain

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that causes a hardening of the skin. This can cause tightness around joints, which can be very painful. The American Physiotherapy Association has some important information to help patients deal with pain management.

1. Pain comes from the brain. We often think the source of pain comes from isolated parts of the body, however, we can only feel pain once our brain determines that we’re in pain. The brain creates a map to indicate the source of the pain, enabling communication between the brain and the tissues in the rest of the body to act as a defense mechanism.

2. The degree of injury is not equal to the level of pain. Everyone experiences pain in different ways. Some people can experience a major injury with very little pain, whereas something as small as a paper cut can cause someone to feel a lot of pain.

3. Something discovered in diagnosis may not be the source of pain. A study carried out on patients older than 60 who didn’t show any symptoms of lower back pain revealed that 36 percent had a herniated disc, 21 percent had spinal stenosis and more than 90 percent had a degenerated disc.

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  1. Vanessa Gray says:

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