Last Week’s Hot Topic on Scleroderma

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Last week’s hot topic on Scleroderma was the Gastrointestinal Problems in Scleroderma Goes Largely Unstudied, Researchers Find written by Alisa Woods.

The article is focused on how the overwhelming majority of people with the skin condition scleroderma also have gastrointestinal (GI) problems. Researchers in Ontario set out to review existing literature into their potential causes to help facilitate the treatment of GI symptoms in these patients.

Thanks to the work of the the research team, led by Brian Younho Hong from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canadawe now know that there is currently a lack of studies examining risk factors for GI complications in scleroderma. The authors emphasized that more research into the causes of GI distress in scleroderma is greatly needed.

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