How Can Scleroderma Affect My Life?

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According to National Institute Of Arthritis And Musculoskeletal And Skin Diseases (NIAMS), people with scleroderma may have problems dressing, bathing, or handling basic daily tasks. Scleroderma can affect:

  • The way you look
  • How you feel about yourself
  • How you take care of yourself
  • Family relationships
  • Sexual relations.

What Can I Do?

You and your doctors are partners in your treatment. Be sure to:

  • Take your prescribed medicines.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice.
  • Quickly report problems.

You can also:

  • Learn about the disease.
  • Look for support from family and friends or a support group.
  • Get help for depression and other problems.
  • Learn coping skills.

Learn more about the disease here: