Bob Saget On Scleroderma


Bob Saget talks about the disease that took his sister’s life.

Learn more about the disease here:

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  1. Liss Pizzetti says:

    How does one with this horrid disease and severe sjogrens disease get any dental help covered by medical insurance?…My insurance keeps denying me, and I’m in agony and need dental help severely….THIS IS A MEDICAL ISSUE, IS IT NOT?????

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Liss. Sadly, you are not the only person that is dealing with this type of problem. It seems that some insurance companies do not want to get involved with dental issues related to sjogrens. Are there any supplemental insurance plans available to you in your area? Does your dentist offer a “sliding scale” for payments?

    • Ave says:

      i had the same problem :/ for 3 yrs i suffered tremendous pain because my teeth had crumbled, i had 2 hair fractures in my jaw bone and the nerve pain was unbearable yet no dentist would touch it due to my scleroderma, sjorgrens and other autoimmune conditions eventually i found a doctor in the hospital and i beggged him to take the teeth out, ssuch a relief once all the bottom were out but he guarded 6 at the top 😮 i am now having problems with these :/ upto now it has cost me 3000e which I cannot afford. I hope you get your teeth out too xxx

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