Scleroderma Journeys: Bailey Schwartz

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by Wendy Henderson |

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Living with scleroderma is tough, both physically and mentally. Diagnosed with systemic scleroderma at six years old, Bailey Schwartz shares what it was like growing up with the disease and how difficult it was for her parents, who were told that it was unlikely she would live to see her seventh birthday.

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Bailey is now 21 years old, and although she suffers from severe stomach, lung and heart issues, the disease has run its course and is no longer progressing. However, she’ll always be left fighting the emotional side of the disease, battling demons such as depression, anxiety, and OCD.

After years of being practically bed bound, Bailey is now at college and working part-time. She is living independently from her family and is looking forward to her future. Bailey hopes her video gives hope to others diagnosed with scleroderma.

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