Raising The Public Profile of Scleroderma

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by Wendy Henderson |

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Raising awareness of scleroderma is of ongoing importance and every little bit of publicity and every story highlighting the disease works towards this. The Facebook group Live, Breathe and Fight provides a platform for scleroderma sufferers worldwide to reach out to one another and to find out more information about the condition.

Find out more about scleroderma, from symptoms to diagnosis.

Recently, one of the group’s contributors was interviewed by City News Toronto. Nancy Morency explains to the show’s reporter that her symptoms of scleroderma began five years ago and that it took almost a year before she was diagnosed with the condition.

In the Living with Scleroderma video, Nancy talks about day to day living with scleroderma and the effects the symptoms have had on her and her family’s lives. She says that very few people she comes across have heard about scleroderma and she often has to explain what the disease is. Nancy and her Facebook group are pushing for better research into scleroderma and for better public awareness of the condition.

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