Increased Risk of Cancer With Scleroderma

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by Wendy Henderson |

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There have been many studies that have come to the conclusion that scleroderma patients are more at risk of contracting certain cancers. Lung cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer and skin cancer are some of the diseases which are most often cited as being of particular risk to scleroderma patients according to Medscape.

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The risk of cancer is higher for scleroderma patients because of organ and tissue damage caused by the over-production of collagen, as well as their increased age.

Scleroderma patients are thought to be up to 75 percent more likely to get cancer. Because of this, regular screening is highly recommended according to

Our regular columnist, Nicola Whitehill talks about her recent skin biopsy and the risks of cancer for fellow scleroderma patients. Nicola considers herself lucky that this is the first time she has had to have a skin biopsy in the 19 years she’s had scleroderma and she acknowledges that for many other scleroderma patients this is a regular occurrence, highlighting how important it is to get any skin changes checked out.

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