Happy, Long Relationships Lessen Depression in Scleroderma

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by Wendy Henderson |

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It is no surprise that women who live with a chronic disease such as scleroderma are more prone to depression, but did you know that an unstable marriage or long-term relationship makes the depression worse? It seems that the key to reducing your risk of depression is to have a happy relationship, according to recent research.

The Canadian Scleroderma Research Group has created a new scale to measure the levels of social avoidance experienced by scleroderma patients. Read more here.

The value of a loving, long-term relationship cannot be underestimated regardless of your health status, but support and companionship of a spouse or partner is even more paramount for mental health if you have scleroderma. Read more about the study here.

Learn more about what happens inside the brain of a depressed person here.



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