Yoga Poses for Scleroderma

Gentle exercise can be beneficial to scleroderma patients — which makes yoga’s low intensity, slow-paced comfort a practically perfect solution.

Learn more about a study on the effects of aerobic exercise on muscle endurance training for patients with scleroderma.

With this video from Yoga Center Reno, viewers can learn some simple and effect yoga asanas (poses) that have been adapted for scleroderma patients. Props such as mats, pillows, straps, and blocks can be used to help overcome issues such as acid reflux, mobility, and reach.

Read about five practical tips to help you better manage your scleroderma.

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  1. Hi Wendy, thanks so much for sharing Yoga for Scleroderma. There is lots more available *Online for Free* at, including 30 segments on Assisted Yoga for Scleroderma (many for hands) and 10 guided relaxations including “Warming Your Hands” and “Increasing Circulation”. Your share helps brings this work funded by the Scleroderma Foundation-Texas Bluebonnet Chapter to those the furthest away and with the fewest resources.

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