Makeup Tips for Women Living With Scleroderma

In this Facebook video from Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK, Alex talks viewers through her makeup routine and how she covers her telangiectasia which helps boost her confidence.

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Alex talks about the importance of using sunscreen or moisturizers with built-in sunscreen as some scleroderma medications can increase sun sensitivity.

After applying sunscreen, Alex starts with a primer which helps the foundation last longer. Because she has difficulty manipulating her hands and figures due to scleroderma, Alex finds it easier to apply foundation by pouring some onto a palette and then using a cosmetic brush to apply the foundation to her face. She then uses a damp sponge to help blend in the foundation and finishes off with some concealer to brighten under the eyes.

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  1. Gill Nelson says:

    Excellent presentation with no errors, only good advise and good tips…The mist helpful tip for me was using a brush instead of the poor old fingers to blend the foundation …many thanks!

  2. Izy Curtis says:

    LOVED Alex’s presentation on make-up, specifically applying primer. I am hoping that she does do more presentations. Thank you Alex! X!

  3. Patti says:

    I think you are very brave and thank you for this video, it is great! Very few makeup tips, if any, address this issue so thank you!

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