Heart Changes That Can Occur in Scleroderma

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the body and internal organs, including the heart. In this video from the Scleroderma Foundation, Greater Chicago Chapter, learn how heart function can change in scleroderma patients.

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The presentation was made by Dr. Amit R. Patel at the Scleroderma Patient Education Conference in Chicago earlier this year. Patel explains some of the ways that scleroderma can affect the heart and the blood vessels leading to the heart, which can cause complications like heart failure, blood clots, and stiffness of the heart muscle. Patel also explains how these complications are detected using various tests, including MRI scans and ultrasounds.

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  1. Charmaine Nygaard says:

    I have enjoyed Dr. Patel’s video on the heart and scleroderma..When does one know whether to do a stent or open heart surgery?
    Thank you, Charmaine

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