Star-studded Scleroderma Fundraiser ‘Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine’ Set for April 25 in Beverly Hills

Star-studded Scleroderma Fundraiser ‘Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine’ Set for April 25 in Beverly Hills

While finding a cure for scleroderma is serious business, the Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF) mixes in comedy, show business, and good food at its celebrity-filled fundraiser, ‘Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine.’

Held this year at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire on April 25, the event will be hosted by scleroderma activist and stand-up comedian Bob Saget, whose sister died from scleroderma complications. Proceeds will benefit SRF’s research and awareness-building efforts.

The evening of levity and gourmet cuisine will feature comedians Ken JeongRay Romano, and a special guest, plus actor John Stamos. The night’s Hot Cuisine portion will spotlight Latin-inspired courses by celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, Susan Feniger, an SRF board member, and her business partner Mary Sue Milliken.

Also in attendance will be television writing and producing legend Norman Lear, plus actors Jodie Sweetin, John Brotherton, Candace Cameron-Bure, Adam Hagenbuch, Kevin Connolly, Doug Ellin, Seth Green, Jonathan Silverman, Peri Gilpin, and more. The event also includes a live auction.

“The night is about finding a cure,” Saget said in a news release. “All of our money goes right to research. The evening will have the best four-course meal, the best wines and the best talent you can have.”

Cool Comedy-Hot Cuisine memories. Photo credit: Business Wire

In the last 32 years, the event has raised more than $48 million for research to help find a cure and, in the interim, better therapies. Last year’s event in New York City raised about $1 million. Tickets range from $500 for individuals, to $5,000 to $75,000 for tables. Visit this page to purchase tickets and for more information.

Founded in 1987, the SRF is the nation’s largest non-profit investor in research for this chronic, autoimmune disease. It was founded by patient and advocate Sharon Monsky, who died from scleroderma in 2002 at the age of 48.

“I establish(ed) an organization that would bring the best of science and technology together in an effort to discover better treatments and a cure for people everywhere living with scleroderma,” Monsky said about the Foundation.

According to SRF, the success of previous ‘Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine’ events held in New York and Los Angeles raised considerable awareness for scleroderma, and allowed the Foundation to fund relevant research projects with the goal of improving the quality of life for patients.

It is estimated that 300,000 U.S. residents have scleroderma, most of them women. The exact disease cause is unknown.


  1. Gina mcguire says:

    The cause of Scleroderma is due to chemical toxins i found a cluster of this and lupus in Leonia NJ NJ DEP records support it but it’s being swept under carpet . How could myself and 2 other classmates in a student body size total of 409 students have Scleroderma from Leonia High school NJ being built on a land fill and tons of lupus cases as well?

    • Chris Nickerson says:

      I have written to Professor Denton, head of the Scleroderma Clinic at the Royal Free Hospital in London, to say that I blame my Scleroderma on having lived for 7 years closer to traffic pollution than common sense would allow. Unfortunately I was at the time a student with no common sense. Chris Nickerson [email protected]

    • Michele Herbert says:

      I am from NJ also.
      I lived near a rubber factory and close to a pharmaceutical company also. I have Systematic Scleroderma.

  2. Carla says:

    Thank you so very very much for fighting for us!! I’ve had 4 fingers amputated due to ulcers,the whole Crest syndrome! Gets very hard at times!!

  3. Isabella N. Curtis says:

    Thank you so much for all of your help and support. As a person who suffers from Scleroderma I am very aware of just how little Scleroderma is known about. A rare disease. Every other ad it seems on TV is about treating every other kind of disease i.e. heart disease, R.A., C. O. P. D., and so forth. I cringe now at the word disease for some reason. Go figure. Illness seems to sofen the blow for me.
    As the elite in our society you all are able as celebrities to do so much more than an average person like myself can ever achieve.

    Thank you for being a catalyst for the hope that you provide for all of us who suffer from this rare illness. I profess to be a Christian and believe in the Almighty. Having said this I also believe the Lord works through others to help His children – believers. So may the God of our fathers continue to bless us with His saving grace through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. With Christ we can do all things. Carry on friends. And again thank you all so very, very much!🙏😘🙋💙

  4. Doug Hendricks says:

    Thank you so much for all your efforts. My wife passed away in January after a 10 year battle with scleroderma.
    We need to find a cure!

  5. Jessica says:

    Thank you Bob Saget. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please keep fighting for us. I am not 40 yet, I just want to be here for the next 30. Four daughters to raise. Thank you.

  6. Janice Kerr says:

    All my life, I’m 73′ I’ve been very healthy…very active and enjoyed life, to the fullest. Woke up, 2016/May and said “Gee…why are my fingers all purple? Dark purple?” That was my beginning of this horrific disease. So many doctors, so many unanswered questions…drugs that “help”..some that don’t….it’s hit or miss…and the daily pain that only those, with this, can really understand. Taking a simple shower and washing your hair can be traumatic!!! And you’re worn out, when you’re finished. My heart truly breaks for the young people..but you MUST stay strong and NEVER give up! There WILL be a cure…I hope I live to see it. God Bless.

  7. Michele Herbert says:

    I am from NJ also.
    I lived near a rubber factory and close to a pharmaceutical company also. I have Systematic Scleroderma.

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