8 Tips for Exercising When You Have Scleroderma

People with scleroderma realize they need exercise to keep their joints flexible. However, those living with the condition can often experience a lot of pain and the idea of exercising and risking making the pain worse is not an appealing one.

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When they do find the will and energy to exercise, it’s important they pace themselves. If they push themselves too hard on a day they’re active, they may not be in good condition for the rest of the week. Anyone with scleroderma should talk to a doctor or someone specialized if they decide to go ahead with a regular exercise program. Not doing so involves a lot of risks that can easily be avoided.

According to move.org, there are a few suggestions for people living with scleroderma when embarking on an exercise regimen:

Do a screening before you start exercising. This is usually done so that those with medical issues which might endanger them during exercise can be identified. Doctors can establish if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Start slowly and steadily, increasing intensity as you gain strength. This way, you’ll avoid serious complications or even just a few “off” days.

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  1. Sandra Stapleton says:

    Hi, I am 73 with many other autoimmune problems but this lower leg and feet/ankle pain with the constant red patches which have even become infected, are just too much to tolerate…

  2. Lalit Raj says:

    I need advice how to do exercise for leg joints pain.My wife is diagnosed with scleroderma. She is 52 years old. Kindly advise

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