8 Scleroderma-Related Conditions You Should Look Out For


7. Raynaud’s Phenomenon

One of the most common early symptoms of scleroderma is Raynaud’s phenomenon which primarily affects the hands and feet making them extremely sensitive to temperature changes.

Although it’s not restricted to scleroderma, almost 90 percent of those living with scleroderma experience Raynaud’s phenomenon.

8. Sjögren Syndrome

Sjögren syndrome usually presents itself as a reduction in secretions of the tear and salivary glands, which are vital for lubricating the mouth and eyes. This can lead to problems with inflammation and irritation in the eyes, and speech and swallowing difficulties.

This lack of secretions can also involve other areas of the body, such as the vagina.

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  1. Verlie says:

    I have found if you massage the tissues it will break down and not be so hard and use oatmeal lotions help a lot..

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