The Reality of Living With Scleroderma

For people living with scleroderma, daily life can be extremely painful. The condition affects every aspect of their lives. To date, there is no cure for scleroderma, only medications and treatments that address some of the symptoms of the disease.

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In this emotional video Crystal Guzman shares her reality of the disease. Eleven months after diagnosis, Crystal’s scleroderma has progressed so much that the skin tightening is drastically affecting her movement. She’s not able to straighten her legs and her torso, which makes walking extremely difficult and very painful. In addition, she cannot raise her arms or bring her hands to her face so is now unable to feed herself.

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  1. Kristi Bell Unruh says:

    I also suffer from this disease. Diagnosed in 2010. Knew something was wrong in 2008. Even before that, as a mom and pop motel owner, my body was in extreme pain after having to take care of our motel. Anyway, I’ve learned to avoid bubbly linguists. Water makes me feel sick and eating vegetables is a really good thing. I also have a dog who has to be exercised. We walk in sand so if/when I fall it doesn’t hurt. This keeps me moving and hopefully from turning to stone. I also use cvs for the muscle/tendon tightening. Actually works really well. I also smoke my homegrown daily. This causes me to cough up the stuff that collects in the gut.?Get rid of it. Pulmonologists tell me to keep up what I am doing. My breathing tests have been sustaining themselves for the last few years. Natural is what I try to do. After reading others who try to get off the prescribed drugs. Thankfully not for me at this time.

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