5 Practical Tips to Deal with Scleroderma

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According to the Scleroderma Foundationthere are some common-sense tips that a scleroderma patient should pay attention in order to better his/her health and well-being.

1. Manage your fatigue


In order to deflect fatigue, make sure to avoid major efforts and get plenty of rest. It is in your best interest to know your limits and respect them.


2. Manage stress


Avoid stressful situations and find ways to manage your stress levels.



3. Diet and Nutrition


Maintaining a well-balanced and nutritional diet is key for your well-being.



4. Good Hygiene Habits


Maintain good hygiene habits, taking special care of your skin, mouth (teeth and gums) and feet – ensuring you always choose well-fitted and cushioned shoes.


5. Avoid smoking


Although the risks of smoking are pretty well known, they are often ignored. A scleroderma patient should avoid this habit at all costs, due to its effects on lung function and blood circulation.

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