What Will Cure the Pain of Digital Ulcers and Calcinosis


In this FESCA video, watch presentations at the Patient Congress of the 4th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress in Lisbon about digital ulcers and calcinosis.

Learn more about scleroderma here: http://bit.ly/learnscleroderma

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One comment

  1. Annette D says:

    my daughter has calcinosis cutis and ulcers on some fingers and feet. I often first soften the are with healing earth which cools it and is very soothing for pain and once it has dried i use a hard towel and rub strong over the “pimple” type looking wound which sometimes has like a hard plug which has to be removed to avoid the calcinosis to become almost purple in colour. Usually the plog then can be easily removed because it has softened, Then I soak the finger in Hydrogen peroxide to bring in oxygen. The wound and finger love that. Makes the purpole finger rosy again. After 10-20 minutes of bathing the finger-tip in Hydrogen peroxide I then apply DMSOwhich according to an x-ray seems to have the ability to crystilize the calcinosis and to move it away out of the soft tissue. Next I want to be trying soiumtriosulphate on the calcinosis. Appernetly it helps. I want to try it. I also use New Zealand Medihoney for the ulcers

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