Muscle, Joint and Nerve Pain in Scleroderma Patients

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In this video by the Scleroderma Foundation, learn more about muscle, joint & nerve pain in scleroderma patients. Although scleroderma patients frequently have joint pain (arthralgia), coexisting disorders also can cause anthralgias.

These disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjogren syndrome, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism and others.

The pattern of join pain, physical examination findings and laboratory tests results help to identify these conditions. The treatment approach will differ, depending on the underlying cause.

Muscle pain (myalgia) and nerve pain (neuralgia) are distinctly uncommon in scleroderma patients. Here also, the causes need to be identified, if possible, and treated accordingly.

This workshop will address how scleroderma and non-scleroderma causes of arthralgia, myalgia and neuralgia can be differentiated and treated. Presented by Dr. Thomas Medsger.

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